A Year On The Farm

As a working farm, the farmers at Newbarn are always busy. We specialise in field vegetables, growing a wide variety of them on the farm.  In Spring time, we are harvesting the last of our over winter crops such as sprouts, carrots, kale, cabbage and leeks. We also start work in prepping the ground for […]

Farming With Nature At Newbarn

At Newbarn Farm, we try to work with nature and the land in order to protect and promote bio diversity on the farm. We use a system of crop rotation and allowing land to rest in order to maintain and promote the fertility of the soil, to naturally control weeds and pests and to reduce […]

Springtime On The Farm

This time of year, Andrew and Michael are harvesting the last of the Winter vegetables. Kale, cabbage and leeks are all harvested daily. The main focus on the farm is preparing the ground for this years crops. The first vegetables to be sown will be beetroot, scallions, peas and broad beans. The onion sets will also […]