Farming With Nature At Newbarn

At Newbarn Farm, we try to work with nature and the land in order to protect and promote bio diversity on the farm.

We use a system of crop rotation and allowing land to rest in order to maintain and promote the fertility of the soil, to naturally control weeds and pests and to reduce the need for artificial fertilisers and sprays. We maintain our hedgerows as habitats and only take one cut of hay of our grassland a year in order to allow nesting birds time to raise their broods. As we grow many different crops on the farm, pollinating insects are able to thrive as there is always a different crop coming into flower. This insect life supports small mammals and birds which in turn support larger mammals and birds of prey.

We often spot Foxes and Buzzards on the farm and we were recently delighted to observe a pair of Red Kites circling the field.

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